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On The Scene: Cassie in Air Jordan Spikez’s/Kingz County Editions

Posted in On The Scene by befresh on September 12, 2007

Cassie In Spike’z

This past weekend, one of my favorite artists and models Cassie was out in Las Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday and to attend the VMA’s.

Always fashionable and an avid sneakerhead, she was spotted in the Air Jordan Spikez’s/Kingz County Editions. Ladies and Gentlemen, Exhibit A: Style and Example!

Cassie In Spike’z Side Profile

Cassie In Spike’z In Vegas

Seen on the scene? Hey Cassie, we loves it!!!



13 Responses to 'On The Scene: Cassie in Air Jordan Spikez’s/Kingz County Editions'

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  1. bell said,

    u are so pretty to me cassie when your cd frist gat out i gat it.i have u in my locker at school. and u all in my room.i love u i’m a biggggggggg fan of u

  2. kenyana said,

    I have those and i like them at first i didn’t
    but then they grew on me.

    So shot out to SPikE that’s wassup see ya!

  3. dariana said,

    yo cassie you migh know my cousin sara from isaac and mike peter i love you freiking shoes and your song somethings’

  4. Jay from Miami said,

    I want to drink her juice.
    she is so delicious.

  5. Shawnae said,

    Cassie your a good singer and all and I like your songs but when you go out in the street you should always dress nice what you got on right there looks so dirty.EW!

  6. Fiona said,

    i like your voice and you are yaa..

  7. nina said,

    bitch you need to eat more you look like a crackhead

  8. Dro said,

    Cassie you are so beautiful and sexy dont listen to the haters and Im looking forward to working with you in the studio when I finish college and become a producer

  9. SAFFIE said,

    Cassie I want too be like you! xxx saffie xxx

  10. SAFFIE said,

    hi cassie i know al what the shoes are air jordan spikes but i never can pay that to much money that’s a shame. I want the shoes really. Maybe someday i can buy the shoes. bye xxx saffie xxx

  11. zana said,

    yeah ,you should eat more .. but anyway you look beautiful
    I really like you …you have a great face bye (K)

  12. zana said,

    yeahhh you look greattttttt
    i like you so mutch you allways look beautiful
    sucksesssss girl

  13. danyella said,

    hey cassie i’m a fan of u

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