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Nike Dunk High: Kanye West “Graduation” Customs

Posted in Get Your Kicks by befresh on October 2, 2007

Kanye West Graduation Side Shot

These “Graduation” Dunk Highs were created by custom sneaker artist, Emmanuel Labor.

They feature fur, which is from the bear AKA the Kanye Mascot, graphics from the “Graduation” artwork, and a purple midsole just like the album cover. There is no word if they will be for sale or not but we likey! 🙂
Graduation Dunks High
Kanye Dunks High



11 Responses to 'Nike Dunk High: Kanye West “Graduation” Customs'

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  1. Daquan said,

    How do you buy these. How much do they cost?

  2. pamela said,

    how much are these and i s there any way i can get them please please let me kno because i think im in love with these pair of dunks

  3. Briana said,

    where can i find these??

  4. Vanessa said,

    Yes, where can I buy a pair of these shoes!?

  5. Mat said,

    You can’t buy these.

    They’re customs, so only one pair has been made.

    I’ve got the kanye west bapesta shoes which I prefer but if you want a pair like these you’ll have to make them.

    Check out the bapestas:

  6. jana said,

    my d3z sho3z iiz mad fy3 ..
    II whud so rocq d3z biitch3z !

  7. jannie said,

    where can you buy these shoes?


  8. Ashley said,

    Lol it says in the post they are custom whcih means not for sale to the publlic. If you want a pair you’ll have to find someone to do a similar custom job. Try searching myspace for somebody. Or google custom shoes and the word myspace.

  9. er said,

    how do u buy these and how much are they

  10. er said,

    how much are they and how much do they cost

  11. felix said,

    they look good on ma feet

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