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Nike Dunk High: Premium UnTweed Pack

Posted in Get Your Kicks by befresh on October 14, 2007

Nike Tweed Brown

The Nike Dunk High Premium UnTweeds have finally dropped! With likeness to the Dunk High SB Tweed these Dunks will surely satisfy those who missed out on the SB.

Nike Dunk Tweed Gray

For those who are unaware of what an UN sneaker is, it is simply a similar sneaker to the original (O.G.), but with a few minor differences. Like the tweed, the UnTweed features much of the back of the shoe covered with Tweed and the front of the shoe is covered in suede.

Nike Untweed Back

With such Dope colorways, look for these to sell out quickly!!!



11 Responses to 'Nike Dunk High: Premium UnTweed Pack'

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  1. starr said,

    wher can i get these?

  2. Mizz Silveria said,

    ooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOO-E Fresh 2death these are hot … classy yet street hard to pull off but they’re workin it simotaniously.

  3. enzo said,

    nike shop @ la

  4. Karima said,

    I want them !

    They’re the best !

    I love them !

    How mutch are they ?

  5. Karima said,

    Where can I get these I want them !

  6. Naomi said,


    x Me

  7. jeremy said,

    yo i copped these bak at xmas they only 90

  8. Bryan said,

    I Bought them too on xmas 😀 only 63 Euros (A)

    never saw someone else with this nikees 🙂
    Bought them in Enschede Netherlands.

  9. Raymond said,

    Hey brain,

    in which shop exactly did you buy them in Enschede? cause i really want them too and work near Enschede! Any chance they will still have this shoe?

  10. Bianca said,

    these shoes are just of of the three nike dunks that i own. they’re a great shoe. get em; you’ll love em.

  11. william said,

    where can i cop this … i like both colors

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