Ass N’ Kicks

Ass N’ Kicks Gets ‘Net Love

Posted in Just For Kicks by befresh on October 16, 2007

Ass N’ Kicks Screencap

Yes Ya’ll…. Ass N’ Kicks has been spotlighted on Hip Hop DJ Vinyl Richie’s website.  Check out what he says below:

“So I was looking around on Google and shit I found this one blog named AssNKicks, and was kinda sceptical bout the site and shit but this has to be one of the best blogs on the fucking net. All in one spot you can find 

  • Dope News bout sneaker events and brand new sneakers coming out and shit.
  • A lil section called “Chick with a mean shoe game” which features celebrities/ borderline “Hood Rats” and their shoes. The synopses in their shoes makes the section worth reading.
  • And my favorite section which is “Ass of the Day”, which showcases a model/ pornstars best assets.  Damn this site is the truth b! Love yall”
  • That’s a good review if I have ever saw one! Thanx Richie!!!



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