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It’s Just A She Thang…

Posted in Just For Kicks by befresh on October 19, 2007


Sneaker Freaker online magazine has posted a wonderful write up for Female Sneaker Heads. This wonderful article was written by Complex magazine’s own Christine Su. Read an excerpt below:

“I love sneakers and for the past 15 years (yes I am that old), i’ve been engrossed and consumed by them, both personally and professionally. i love it when a guy tells me, “nice kicks, shorty,” or i get asked “so you’re into copping fresh kicks?” yes, this Shorty is very into it! I can still remember my first pair of Airmax 180s and my first Jordans, which I had to buy in a boy’s size of course. Nothing beats the adventure of a fresh pair and I’m still able to tell you how and exactly why, I copped those shoes.”

“We are female sneaker heads and believe it or not, we will drop $300 on them, just like our male counterparts. Before the age of the internet and online shops, we too were hunting and buying kicks. I have fond memories of sneaker shopping trips to Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district, or having to hit up all of the Offspring and Size shops in Europe, even trips across the States looking for limited editions in the smallest sizes. You see, we female sneaker heads are not that much different from the men – we shop, we hunt and we want the same fresh models and colorways as the men.”

“So why has it been so difficult for sneaker companies to understand what we want?”

Read the rest of the piece HERE



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