Ass N’ Kicks

And The Winner Is…. Sweet!

Posted in Body & Sole by befresh on December 9, 2007

Angel 1

Guess who’s back and better than before? That’s right.. Fresh!!

I want to apologize to all our viewers for the lack of updates. School and life were getting the best of ya’ boy… and not in that order if you know what I mean!  

Thank you all for your comments and for continued viewership! Our views were actually higher after we stopped posting!!! 🙂

Please believe, Ass N’ Kicks is back and is here to stay!!! We will be back to the regular scheduled umm.. inspirations starting Monday. For now we leave you with these works of art… Enjoy!!!  

Lola Luv 

Lola Luv 1







One Response to 'And The Winner Is…. Sweet!'

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  1. YoVinyL said,

    yo crazy shit yall i just put shorty in as one my first hood boogers… lol she talks mad ghetto but her face is cute as hell. oh im deejaying with q-tip on thursday come out and support!

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