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On The Scene: Teyana Taylor in Air Jordan 3’s

Posted in On The Scene by befresh on December 14, 2007

If you recall, in September we broke news of the Air Jordan Spikez’s being released this month. They were officially released to retail outlets on Black Friday but other than myself and Jermaine Dupri, I haven’t seen them make a major appearance.

To show our appreciation In this edition of “Seen On The Scene”, we have super producer, Pharrell and Billionaire Boys Club’s premiere artist, Teyana Taylor in a pair of Air Jordan 3’s. 

    Teyana Taylor

You may remember her from “MTV’s Sweet Sixteen” but Teyana, the self proclaimed “Teen President” and “Princess Of Star Trak is a certified singer, rapper and sneakerhead from Harlem, NY.

She has been interviewd by Trace Magazine, and countless websites but the bottom line is, her style is like her music, a cutting edge of her own. With a album in the works and Pharrell behind her, lady kick fiends have another reason to smile!!

For more info on Teyana or her music, check out her myspace page HERE.




10 Responses to 'On The Scene: Teyana Taylor in Air Jordan 3’s'

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  1. Darriell.. dope gurl princess said,

    hey teyana u freskn rock’d this photo..REAL TALK..I LUV U

  2. toya said,

    what happen to her long hair i bet that was a lace fornt wig baldheaded ass girl

  3. nunya said,

    I really liked teyana her hair her style her aura but damn! why did she do this? her hair was her recognisable signature style without it frankly she is just lyk evry1 esle! like me lyk u lyk dat chik dat lives down da road from u yes that 1! i guess it is shallow of me but when she cut her hair with it she took away her star quality. she was proud to wear her hair natural and big and was tru to her roots in a world where only straight hair is considered to be neat and acceptable. now she is just a face in da crowd. if it was not her natural ahir to begin with then i say yes baldheaed ass girl. lol

  4. tiffany said,

    yall some hata’s!!!!!!!…..hi hata’s!!!!

  5. taylor jones said,

    teyana gurl u look too cute u pretty and got good taste in clothes and shoes!!!! i luv ur song google me babee and im google n ya !!!

  6. Erin said,

    ♥ i love dis picture of u love da kicks ♥

  7. Erin said,

    your welcome i love da song google me baby dat iz y i googled u lol love ya ♥

  8. well she looks pretty
    in this onee !
    she qot a d0PEE stylee yO
    so u qotta lovEE herr !

    -MARiLiTE !

  9. mel said,

    Teyana Taylor Performing Live @ The Family Life Center 59 Wright Street Staten Island New York , Summer Cool Down Fashion Show and Party Hosted by Dj Megatron, go to or for tickets or details. Thanks -Mel-o.D. 1

  10. tweety said,

    you look nice .and you dress like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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