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Nike Women’s Blazer High x Lemon Frost

Posted in Get Your Kicks by befresh on April 27, 2008

Designed with a very cheery, pastel summer colorway, these colorful Blazer Highs are just hitting retailers now as they were released April 24th.

Nike has used these sneakers to express a new take on the classic  with the use of a gradient yellow-to-green fade on the upper body of the shoe, with mint green accents, and a patent leather back.

Flashy without being gaudy, these Blazers will be a nice addition to any collection. 



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  1. chelsea said,

    hey can you tell me where i can get these from becasuse i have been looking eerywhere but people only have mens sizes and i wear a 8 in womens and a 6 in mens or boys…thanx

  2. chantel said,

    those shoes are the bomb i have to have them but if you can e-mail me where i can order those shoes i wear a 9 in women and a 7 in men or boys whatever you say bye .

  3. gladys said,

    My name is gladys i want those shoes name your price and ill buy them i were a 7.5 in women and a 6 in boys please write me bak …..thank you

  4. gladys said, dats my e-mail am gladys i will pay wat ever you want i want them really bad and u cant sell them to me just tell me where too find them thank you…

  5. anastasia said,

    hey my name is anastasia dese shoes are OBESE !!!!! could yolu pls tell me wea i can order or bye dese frm im a size 11 womens nd 9 men or boi wolteva u wna call it !!!! my e mail is….!sweet thanx

  6. marvin gooch said,

    il0ve these shoes…
    i dnt kare if they gurlz sh0ez they go hella hard

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