Ass N’ Kicks

Anatomy For The Sneakerhead….

Just For Kicks

What’s better than the flyest sneakers around??? Beautiful women who love them!!! From the creators of Studio Couture, we invite you to the world of Ass N’ Kicks.

Ass N’ Kicks is the premiere site showcasing beautiful women of STYLE with a knack for the sickest sneakers and shoes around!! From the Hood to Hollywood, The Strip to the Runway we will have the most exclusive features, articles, and premieres around showing women with the substance of Style in footwear.

Men or women, sneakerhead or shoe fetish alike, we all get our kicks in different ways so why not enjoy our sole inspirations???

Welcome to Ass N’ Kicks… Anatomy For The Sneakerhead!!!


4 Responses to 'Anatomy For The Sneakerhead….'

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  1. Chris said,

    Hey, this is Chris. I started a new web blog at
    We are a dedicated sneaker fans, and love to write.

    We would love to swap links, a few websites have shown us love so far, and
    strive to work with others. If a link exchange is something your ok with,
    please let me know.

    Big thanks,

  2. bibomedia said,


  3. Dan said,

    Hello my name is Dan, and I run
    We love AssnKicks and think sneakers and fitteds go hand in hand, so if its possible we would love to exchange links. I can add your link right away, and we would love to be affiliated with you guys. Hope to hear from you soon,


  4. halfyhalf said,


    I run the site and was wondering if you would like to exchange links. If you would like to trade, please hit me up at


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