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Just Kicking It

Posted in Just Kicking It by Truly Curvaceous on October 27, 2007


“Just Kicking It” will feature NEW shoes that I’ve recently purchased. I adore shoes and clothes. I’m a little psycho about them if you asked my husband.

I usually try them on in the store and walk around them for a while. But my real test is wear them to Target or one of my favorite stores. If my feet still feel pretty good after that then the shoes are good! I definitely do have shoes that are just meant to wear to the car, dinner, and back home.

Shoes and clothes are orgasmic. I can just go into a shoe store and try on shoes for hours. I would probably leave flat broke but who cares. If you have a cute pair shoes you definitely need a nice top and a pair of bottoms that fit you perfectly. Shoes and clothes go hand in hand without the other your outfit isn’t an official outfit. Ok, I’m going to stop rambling below are three pairs of shoes that I recently added to my catalog. I’m always open for comments.

Do you love ’em or hate ’em???

3″ Patent leather Mary Janes $19.99
Mossimo Red Patent Leather Peep Toe $34.99
Leather Bootie $39.99